During your stay at our resort, you can indulge in a variety of sports activities such as tennis, and water sports. We make sure that there is something for every sports lover to enjoy.


Explore serene waters with our resort's delightful boating activities, promising a tranquil and memorable experience


Dive into excitement with a variety of water sports at our resort, where adventure meets the refreshing waves


Shoot some hoops and enjoy a friendly game of basketball at our resort's courts, adding active fun to your stay.


You can play some friendly badminton matches at our well-maintained courts, adding an active and enjoyable dimension to your stay.


Experience the thrill of cricket on our well-maintained pitch, where you can enjoy a spirited match with friends and family at the resort

Souvenir Shopping

Indulge in souvenir shopping at our resort's charming boutique, where you can find unique keepsakes to remember your stay by

Indoor Recreation

Enjoy a world of indoor recreation at our resort, offering a variety of entertainment and leisure options for guests of all ages


Challenge your skills on our top-notch tennis courts, where you can enjoy a thrilling match or a leisurely game during your stay .

Children Park

Our resort features a delightful children's park, providing a safe and fun space for young ones to play and create cherished memories.

Rain Fountain

Experience the enchanting rain fountain at our resort, where water dances to soothing melodies, creating a mesmerizing and immersive ambiance

Adventure Park

Embark on thrilling adventures at our resort's adventure park, where adrenaline-pumping activities and outdoor challenges await the daring traveler.

Party Activities

Get the party started at our resort with lively entertainment, music, and celebrations, creating memorable nights for guests to enjoy.